Creating memorable names, meaningful taglines and slogans  

Branding and positioning that differentiates you from the crowd.
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Meaningful, catchy slogans, clever tag lines and memorable, powerful brand names communicate the unique value of your company, product or service. Differentiate your marketing and create branding that works harder. Get 10 creative positioning choices for just $477 with our Tagline Ideas SloganPack! Call and talk to Chuck Ingersoll, slogan writer and brand strategist, now: 585.746.2320 or e-mail.

Recently created memorable names and meaningful corporate, business, company, product and service advertising slogans 

Burn the Fat. Find Your Fit. Love Your Life. (Slogan for Nutrition For Women and Men program)    
Poultry In Motion 
(Brand name for independent, fast food chicken restaurant)     
Runkz -- Gear up. Join in. Game on! (Name, slogan and logo for extreme sports Web site)
Dentifi – Faster. Smarter. Better. (Software name and slogan for dental benefits and eligibility program)    
Recycling Texas, one yard at a time
(Catch phrase for reuse and recovery firm)    
Lighting That Outperforms (Strapline for Sentinel commercial lighting system in Australia)

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Product name and clever slogan for Dentifi
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Tagline for Atlas Blue pools and spasDoes your product, service or organization stand out from the crowd?
Do people know not just what you are, but how and why y
ou are different and better? To achieve these objectives, you need to achieve resonant, congruent differentiation as the focus of your marketing and branding strategy. You gain all this, and more, through the creation of a strong brand identity: a memorable name combined with a catchy slogan or clever tagline that's meaningful. In other words, powerful marketing positioning.                  


With over 20 years experience as a branding consultant and in the creation of business, service and product slogans and tag lines – for companies ranging from Kodak to Pepsi to Bud's Hots – I know how to name a business and create marketing positioning ideas that will set you apart and establish your product, service or business as different and better. It's world-class creative differentiation at a friendlier price. Click to see slogans or a list of company, product and service names I've created as a branding consultant and brand strategist.

Watch my video: 5 Keys to Creating a Great, Catchy Slogan.

Take a look at our YouTube video about Chuck Ingersoll and and learn about how we create better branding names and taglines for you.

Take Your Brand Further, Starting Today

According to the Web site, a branding agency will charge $25,000 to $40,000 for a company name and logo. International branding agencies charge as much as $100,000. If you're a small business or even mid-size corporation, that price tag can quickly deflate your marketing budget.

As a creative writer experienced in marketing strategy, I develop powerful ideas for national and international branding agencies that value my creativity and expertise. Agencies such as Rivkin Associates, Summa, BrandPlay, 800 Degrees, The Naming Company and others contract with me to brainstorm ideas for their large, corporate clients. For clients without endlessly deep pockets, I provide world-class creativity and effective ideas that deliver bottom-line benefits at a far friendlier price. My clients range from international corporations to small family businesses.

I create memorable names and meaningful tag lines and slogans at a reasonable price point, offering great value and long-lasting benefits to you by differentiating your business online and on the street.

For more on my branding philosophy, please click below to see how powerful and differentiating a resonant, congruent, differentiated name or tagline can be.

And please take a look at a list of
 company, business, product and service brand names and slogans and taglines that I've created. If you're naming a product or looking for strong marketing positioning, I look forward to working with you and delivering great ideas and results.

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Client Praise for Chuck Ingersoll's Brand Name and Tagline / Slogan Creation 

"Chuck, I LOVE these names. You are a genius."
– Mike Minutillo, Internet Entrepreneur

"David Ogilvy, the advertising guru, railed against 'self-serving and flatulent' taglines. Chuck Ingersoll gets it. His advertising slogans have something special to say. They differentiate. They are crafted so that consumers are likely to remember them."
– Steve Rivkin, co-author of Differentiate Or Die, branding consultant, founder of Rivkin & Associates, LLC

"After much effort by many people to come up with the ideal brand positioning for our firm, Chuck did just that in the time frame he promised. He also gave us valuable ideas on how to expand on the tagline in our marketing efforts. I am very pleased with the results Chuck delivered and highly recommend him for this type of work."
– Todd Dorman, Broker/CEO, Dorman Real Estate Services

"Thank you for all the name and product strapline ideas. I am delighted with all the options. This gives me what I know has been missing in creating a more professional image. I will never look at product names the same way again!"
– Bryan Liebowitz, EGY Lighting, 

"Chuck is a rare breed, offering the perfect combination of experience, quality and value for corporate branding needs. What is even more astonishing is his ability to do so in record time! The result was a company slogan that flawlessly described our business and its unique identity. I have had such a pleasurable experience working with Chuck on this project that he has earned a client for life."
 – LaMarcus Bolton, President, Ambivista Enterprise Feedback Solutions

Product name and slogan: Predator Sunglasses, Stalk the Sun for Bausch & Lomb

Predator Sunglasses, Stalk the Sun – Product

name and tag line created for Ray Ban

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