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Recently Created Advertising Slogans and Taglines
Tag line  for stock photo company and their web site
Get there faste
(Stock photo Website providing professional images of highways and travel destinations)
Dream it. Find It. Love It!
(Furniture Website and manufacturer)

Atlas Pools and Recreation
Water. Wellness. Wonderful!
(Pool and spa dealer)

Strapline for outdoor lighting product sold in Australia and New Zealand
Sentinel Lighting Systems
Lighting That Outperforms
(Commercial lighting system)

The Dorman Real Estate Services
The art of real estate, the science of success

The Lancaster School
Engaging minds, empowering success
(K-12 school)

Real investors, real money, real-time.
(Financial advisor Web site)

Northwest Community Association
NWCA: Building a better Northwest, one block at a time
(Non-profit organization)

Sovereign Wealth Management
Expertise for changing time
(Investment advisor advertising)

Christian Mission to Egypt
Good works, good words – a cross-cultural Christian outreach
(Non-profit organization)

Annual Meeting Theme for Company with Recent Acquisitions
The wins of change
(Conference and sales meeting theme)

How a Meaningful Slogan or Tagline Can Advance Your Brand Positioning

A meaningful identity takes your brand name further and makes it more powerful. If you're Rever Corporation, maker of a notebook computer with a built-in projector, prospects may think it's just another laptop PC. They don't know what makes it different and better.

When you position the notebook with the advertising slogan, "The first notebook computer with an 8-foot screen," you've instantly created differentiation and immediately added greater perceived value. Your sales prospect thinks: "What are they talking about?,"and wants to learn more. Now the value of this brand's appeal has been taken to a higher level, thanks to meaningful positioning.

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5 Tips To Help You Create A Great Advertising Slogan

1) Avoid self-aggrandizement
Instead of saying "Nobody makes a better fran-o-stat than Acme," consider what's in it for the prospect/customer. "Get there faster," my strapline for Royalty Free Roads' web site, provides a benefit for the person searching for stock photos of highways and locations. You're all about (or should be all about) offering advantages to the customer, and your advertising slogan should communicate this.

2) Remember that emotion trumps rationality
Rationale appeal: "The most accurate gun sights in the world." Emotional appeal: "Choose Wisely, Live Longer," a product slogan I created for LaserMax gun sights. The emotional appeal is significantly more powerful and memorable.

3) Don't be afraid of an extra word or three
Today, as noted branding expert Al Ries notes, many companies use short positionings, such as Fidelity Investments "Turn Here." What does this corporate endline really convey? And couldn't almost anyone use this wording? It's hardly unique to Fidelity. Then consider "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." It's far more emotive and "sticky." Don't be afraid to add a few more words, it may make your clever slogan more meaningful, targeted and resonant.

4) Achieve resonant congruent differentiation
Speaking of resonant, strive to ensure that your ad slogan meets these three key criteria: 1) Resonant, meaning that it is aligned with your essential brand messaging, so that a prospect says, "Yeah, that's important to me." 2) Congruent, consistent with the qualities and values personified by your brand. 3) Differentiated, stating why you aren't like everyone else, but how you are different and better.

5) Extend your brand essence
Consider whether your proposed tagline enhances and amplifies your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): your number #1 selling point and differentiator.

Can one creative slogan or clever tagline do it all? It would be very difficult. But keying on at least one of these critical aspects of brand positioning and strategy will help you hone your messaging to create a more effective brand strategy.

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List of Ad Slogans and Tag Lines Created by Chuck Ingersoll and

St. Luke’s Catholic Schools
A higher degree of education
(High school)

Program for Eye Care Practitioners
Making your practice perfect
(Optometrists and eye doctors program identity and annual meeting theme)

The genius is in the details
The genius is in the programming.
The genius is in the software

(Hardware and software system naming)

T-shirt design featuring slogan developed for fast food restaurant
Bud's Hot
s: We've got the hots for you
(Fast food restaurant)

Rever Computer
The first notebook computer with an 8-foot screen
(Laptop computer brand positioning)

Catholic University MBA Program
Come back to get ahead
(College and university graduate school program)

Nutrition For Men / Nutrition For Women
Burn the Fat. Find Your Fit. Love Your Life.
(Nutritional guidance and better eating program)

KODAK Processing
Everything you need from start to photofinish
(Photofinishing service)

Street smart, dead certain
Choose wisely, live longer
(Laser gun sight products for law enforcement)

Greater Rochester Housing Partnership
Because home is a better place
(Non-profit organization)

Bausch & Lomb Predator Sunglasses
Stalk the Sun
(Eyewear and sunglasses product name and ad slogan for Ray-Ban sunglasses)

Transcat Calibration Services
Better by every measure
(Industrial products and services)

Jazz radio station slogan and logo created by
Jazz 90.1
Take Jazz Further
(Public radio station)

Central Trust
The Bank with Human Interest
(Bank and financial services firm)

Space and design in motion

Balanced for Business 

Yesterday’s Mood, Today’s Spirit 

Quietly dignified, artistically graceful 
(Naming architecture for series of four products
of high-end office furniture)

What have you got against Garlock?
(Industrial gaskets brand positioning)

Dependability, delivered
(Industrial distributor)

WYLF Radio
Laugh. Cry. Remember.
(Music of your life, nostalgia radio station)

Hambleton Plaques & Displays
First Impressions That Last
(Plaque manufacturer and distributor)

Fairport Crew Club
Help Us Keep Both Oars in the Water
Help Us Keep Our Boats Afloat
(High school sports team)

Waterson Canal Cruises
Life In the Past Lane
(Cruise line brand positioning)

Lighting That Outperforms
(Commercial lighting system)

Brecker County Community College
Start Here. Go Anywhere.
(College and education)

Golf Course
Rochester’s High Point for Golf
(Golf course theming for facility located at
highest point in county)

Consler Performance Line
Nobody Filters Out More Problems
(Scientific filter manufacturer)

NitroPlus Membrane
A Breakthrough, Not a Breakdown
(Durable AIDS research testing product)

Lawson Optical Distributors
Making Your Practice Perfect
(Meeting and event theme for eyecare distributors)

Walker Outdoor Displays
It’s not the media, it’s the motion
(Mobile billboard company)

Get It Straight Wet/Dry Flat Iron
Straighten up and dry right!
(Hair dryer and straightener)

Circuit Board Assembly Firm
We TCB for PCB
(Industrial electronics manufacturer)

Note: some of these tagline and advertising tag line examples included here do not list a company, but simply describe the company in generic terms. This is to protect the client identities of branding agencies that contract with me as a branding strategist and slogan writer.

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