When we developed the creative slogan “Dream It. Find It. Love It” for furniture.ie (Ireland’s largest online furniture site), this Website tag line idea offered direction and demanded action of the consumer, while also bringing to life the complete range of the furniture.ie experience. Everything you can imagine is here (Dream it). There’s the largest array of choices (Find it). Once you get it in your home, it will be fabulous (Love it). Certainly beats an advertising slogan like “We’ve got great furniture for you,” doesn’t it?

#5 Add differentiation and memorability

Fidelity Investments’ strapline is “Turn here.” Kentucky Fried Chicken used “Unthink.” What were they thinking? Even multinational corporations can pay thousands for bad advertising bylines. Either of these could be used by a number of products, even competitors! 

When we worked with Walker Outdoor Displays, they were the first to bring moving, truck-mounted billboards to their market. Walker wanted a company slogan that was theirs alone, something edgy and distinguishing. “It’s not the media, it’s the motion” fulfilled all their objectives. 

First, it accentuated the mobile nature of their advertising media. Second, it played off the slightly risqué idiom, “It’s not the meat, it’s the motion,” making it a fun, distinctive and edgy corporate slogan idea. And third, it created a buzz around their entry into the area because it wasn’t staid and stuffy, and neither was the new marketing opportunity it brought to potential advertisers.

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Based on your input and our questions, we deliver – ​

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We’ll ask you to complete our tagline/slogan input form, chat with you to learn more about what you offer, then get to work. Within one week you’ll receive ten targeted positioning ideas, along with rationales and related information about them. 

We accept PayPal or credit card payments.

Sure, you can pay less, because there are people on the Internet who will do anything for $5. You can easily pay more. Or you can get choices in great ideas right now – created by a linguist and slogan writer hired to create brand names and strong slogans for some of America's leading branding agencies, someone with 20+ years experience who knows how to name a business and ideally position your organization or product. An expert described by leading branding guru Steve Rivkin as, "Able to create ideas that are truly differentiating and memorable."

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HERE'S A REAL-world example of what you will receive

You get at least 10, and often more, personalized tagline or slogan ideas ideally matched to your brand. In this way, you have multiple great ideas from which to select, all crafted by an experienced, award-winning tagline writer and advertising copywriter. Here are a few examples of the strapline choices created for a real estate management company –

  • Proactive. Professional. Peace-of-mind.
  • The art of real estate, the science of success.
  • Your real estate. Our real expertise.
  • Know more. Worry less.
  • The Dorman difference: experience, confidence, results
  • Real. Smart. Communicators.
  • Unmatched communication. Unsurpassed service. Uncommon real estate management.
  • A higher standard of trust, performance and communication.

They chose –

The art of real estate, the science of success.

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5 ways brandsandtags.com can powerfully
differentiate your brand

#1 Maximize your unique selling proposition (USP)

When Rever Computers introduced the first notebook computer with a projector built into it, we could have said “It’s the notebook with a projector inside.” Instead we created, “The first notebook computer with 8-foot screen.” A creative slogan with news value, curiosity, and something in it for the customer. A tag line idea that painted a powerful picture with words, one that quickly communicated the unique selling proposition of this breakthrough product.

#2 Add powerful emotion to your messaging

Branding experts testify to the power of emotion in advertising. There are rational appeals (“It’s 5 times faster”) and emotional appeals (“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”) Research shows most people make decisions based on emotion, even if they believe they are highly rational beings who make every decision on a logical basis.

That’s why we wrote “Laugh. Cry. Remember”  for music of your life station WYLF. This radio outlet played music from Glenn Miller, Tony Bennett, Sinatra, Benny Goodman et al. Laugh, cry and remember are three experiences that listeners of a certain age reveled in when they tuned in. We could’ve said, “Great music from the 40’s and 50’s,” but it just wouldn’t have been the same, and it wouldn't have had the same emotional resonance with the audience.

#3 Make your slogan a mini vision statement linked with your brand strategy

You may or may not have a vision statement for your product or company. If you do, it’s likely too long to be an effective tag line. We can boil it down to its essence and create a mini vision statement and brand positioning. That’s what we did for LaserMax, a manufacturer of laser gun sights for law enforcement.

Choose wisely, live longer” and “Street smart, dead certain” (for a related product) spoke powerfully to their audience, while “Truly accurate sights” as an ad slogan wouldn’t have communicated the effectiveness or summarized the vision and emotional appeal of their products so convincingly.

#4 Motivate action and purchase

A slogan like “We’ve got great furniture for you” simply sits there. Quietly. There’s nothing compelling about it. It’s flat and could be used by any home furnishings store.