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– T. Hargather, formerly of Eastman Kodak Company​

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Why Not Have A Great Theme That Employees and Attendees Love, A Theme With Legs?!

Each theme is accompanied by a tagline that extends the sales kickoff theme. This helps with wording and theming for breakout sessions, signs, events, presentations and more. For example, one of the 121 themes is:

Connect. Create. Conquer. 
​With the tagline: Coming together to forge our future.

How can you work wonders with these words? Call the opening night cocktail party and dinner: Connect: Coming Together to Forge Our Future. Title a highlight address from the CEO that introduces a new product: Create: Coming Together to Forge Our Future. Name the breakout session on competitive advantages vs. your rivals: Conquer: Coming Together to Forge Our Future. 

If you look online, you can find plenty of free themes. For example: The Flame and Only Soar With Eagles. But are these imaginative and inspiring enough, or just old hat and hack? These 121 themes are versatile and designed to work well for a variety of industries and types of businesses. I have 25 years creating meeting themes, designing meetings, and writing taglines for major corporation, so I'm very aware of what works, what people like, and the level of effective creativity needed. Want examples from my 121? Here are two more that demonstrate the quality of ideas inside and how they inspire team building and kickoff meeting success:

Together We Can: The Power of Many Makes Us Stronger As One
Better Together: People with Passion, Performing WIth Purpose

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SURE, You Can Google "Sales Meeting Ideas," "Corporate Meeting Themes," or "Annual meeting Ideas," But What Will You Find?

Here are some examples of sales themes and meeting ideas discovered by searching for "sales meeting themes:"

  • Let's Make It Happen
  • Fight's On
  • Being the Best

Not exactly inspiring or likely to fire up the troops, pump up morale, or spark enthusiasm, are they? And you'll find some sites offering as many as 600 conference themes for one low price! Are more ideas LIKE THESE really better? Please take a look at their sampling of ideas (thoughts like "Brown Bag Briefing" and "They Said It Couldn't Be Done") and compare the quality of the messaging, the impact, the energy that these would create at a sales conference or annual event compared to our samples below.

What Kinds of Ideas Are In 121 Great Sales Meeting Themes?

I'm going to reveal two more of the powerful themes you'll find in this e-book –

Game Plan for Greatness: Our Playbook for Performance
Feel the Fire, Build The Brand: Lighting Up Our Future

Take Feel the Fire, Build the Brand: Lighting Up Our Future, for example. The messaging and event theme is strong, confident, directive, aspirational. It sets a positive, upbeat tone and mood for the sales conference. It's the sort of sales meeting idea that employees and salespeople will respond to. A positioning that can quickly gain buy-in from the troops. The accompanying creative tagline adds more positivity. A national meeting theme like this gets everyone on the same page, pumps them up, and lets them know where the organization is headed.​

Now you know a few of the annual meeting ideas. And there are over 100 more event ideas just as good, just as powerful, just as motivating in 121 Great Sales Meeting Themes. Plus, you'll get a bonus, killer idea that works for any organization included as a free bonus, so make that 122 Great Sales Meeting Themes.

More Than Just Themes, You Get Powerful Taglines TO USE THROUGHOUT YOUR SALES EVENT

Along with each conference theme, there's a corresponding tagline / slogan. Now your meeting idea isn't just a name, it's combined with motivating, impactful messaging – a phrase that positions the goals and objectives of the annual sales event.

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Powerful Creativity Developed by a Naming and Branding Expert

For over 25 years, I've developed product, company and service names, taglines and positionings as a brand strategist. I've also created corporate meeting ideas and conference themes for many sales events for companies large and small: Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb and many others.